Most producers operate almost exclusively within a geographical radius that can be covered with reasonable travel expenses. Often they work as a one-man business. Such firms are less attractive for nationally- or internationally-operating clients because the simultaneous management of numerous regional producers is very expensive and results in qualitative differences across the regions. Clipessence already works with its broad network of video journalists and photographers across Germany, but also in other countries.

Media versus the Internet:
The traditional media industry is facing similar challenges as the publishing industry. Many established producers are struggling to face up to the specific requirements of web content production. Clipessence is personally and culturally a deliberate symbiosis of Internet culture and the media sector.

Product versus project:.
Most producers have a project-orientated approach. Every video or photo shooting is a project. Such individual projects are complex and thus expensive. For company profiles, many producers’ prices start at €5,000 per production. On the other hand, clients increasingly require affordable videos and photos, which are feasible only with a product orientation. The product – a series – is defined together with Clipessence by the client, and then implemented in the same format for all productions. This gives the client website a uniform appearance. Behind this approach is a dedicated process orientation, with consistent cost optimisation. As a rule, producers who try to come to product orientation from a project orientation are unable to manage this major reorientation, also from a cultural perspective. From the beginning, Clipessence has taken a consistent product approach that is based on its management experience.

Volume competence:
Undertaking a large number of simultaneous productions is a challenge for any company. The processes must be clearly understood, and a complex process-IT infrastructure must be in place to create every video or photo with consistently high quality. To arrive at this point takes several years, and very few companies are able to do this. A company becomes a reliable supplier only when this kind of robust infrastructure is in place. At Clipessence, we can look back at about 10 years of experience in the field. We employ a system that has been developed over the last eight years, and which has already handled more than 500 productions a month without any problem.

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