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Note: Adjust the resolution to 4K at the bottom right of the youtube window. With the mouse or the panel at the top left you can look around the video. This currently works with most browsers except Safari.

Clipessence produces your personal 360° Video. YouTube, including its App, and Google Chrome support 360° videos since early 2015, Firefox and Facebook since summer 2015. 360° videos can be enjoyed on PCs, tablets, smartphones, as well as special-purpose glasses such as the Oculus Rift.

360° videos or Virtual Reality allow the user to enter a virtual world, adopt the identity of individuals and experience their situation. 360° videos can be applied to the tourist sector, events, recruiting, real estate, museums, exhibitions and company portraits. 

There are three quality levels within 360° video production. The high quality segment, which consistst of very sophisticated camera systems mostly used for high end commercials, the other end of the spectrum consisting of cameras for the consumer market, and the middle segment, which is where Clipessence positions itself, using cameras like the Insta 360 Pro.

Interactive virtual video tours

The virtual tours consist of 360° videos. You can interactively jump back and forth between the individual sequences.

The first tour of Tropical Island was created in cooperation with VRdirect and shows the possibilities of such high-performance products. It is hosted and can be integrated via a link or embed code.



For the other two tours, the map or floor plan in the upper right-hand corner allows you to orientate yourself. Using the bar at the bottom you can show and hide elements, navigate and zoom. Clipessence provides this type of display as an option. It is delivered as HTML5 code for integration into a website or for local playback. In the tour of Lake Lucerne, you can see examples of interactive buttons for an information board or for further information on the web in the Vitznau scene.




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