How do you build a wardrobe? How do you set the time on your cell phone correctly? How do you change a light bulb in your car? The best way to learn these things is to watch someone else do them. A web clip can offer just that.

Instructional videos, How-to-videos or Explanation Videos are very popular, as demand for them is growing. Depending on the kind of product that's being explained,

Many different kind of styles are possible. For more complex processes a video with animation or graphics would be useful. Since the production of these videos is often rather expensive (often more than 8000 EUR) the area of application for these videos is limited. Clipessence focuses on a variety of instructional videos, which can be produced for about 200 EUR per production in a series, by filming the process or the activities involved. Instructional web clips can be found on various websites. They help increase the attractiveness of, for instance, a hardware store, and can be used at POS with a QR code linking to the video. This is true also for QR codes in brochures or catalogues.

This kind of video also plays an important role in maintenance and customer service.

Vitamar Bad Lauterberg


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