webClip series can be of great benefit in many other areas.

Cinema Commercials
Commercials tend to be company portraits. They differ in length (15-30 seconds) and pace. They are delivered in Full HD in the 2K DCP format. The audio is converted into Dolby 5.1.

Branch office webClips
Companies with branch offices such as banks, retailers, telecommunications companies, restaurants, and hotel chains can use webClips to motivate potential visitors to visit their local branch. Videos for each store can follow a single formula and be consistent in quality. Identical aspects of the business can be combined with specific features of each respective branch.

Agency webClips in the financial sector
At agencies, particularly insurance companies or housing associations, a similar individual approach can be advantageous. An agency's success depends largely on the credibility of its leadership. The advantages of webClips, such as the emotionality, depth of information, and authenticity can be particularly effective for agencies.

Event webClips
Presentations can be recorded for a larger audience. People who were not able to not participate in the event due to time, financial or geographic restrictions can profit from this. Event clips are produced with at least two cameras. 

Trade fair and conference videos provide a lively impression of the event and stimulate participation in the next one. Interviews with participants are a good reference and make the videos authentic.

Info webClips
Certain subject matters, such as definitions of terms, can be delivered far more convincingly and entertainingly with webClips than with text and images. The effect can be enhanced with a few graphic elements and video sequences.

Real Estate webClips
Real estate videos are useful for both rental properties and homes for sale. They give the viewer a better idea about the property and its location and help with decision making. 

Candidate webClips
Candidates can present themsevles to headhunters or personnel managers using a webClip on career platforms. This allows the viewer to receive a far better impression of the candidate’s personality and makes the search much more efficient on both sides.

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