Customer reviews are very popular in online marketing. Carefully conceptualized and implemented, testimonial videos can be more convincing than regular company profiles. Credibility is a crucial factor for Internet users. Often users don't trust the business owner or product manager to present their product or service in a fair way.

This is why review platforms are very popular and successful. Reports about faked customer reviews have created new mistrust in these portals. This is where video is the better medium for testimonials. Generally the viewer can tell whether a person in front of the camera says the truth or not. Of course the viewer will expect the video to portray the service or the product in question in a positive light. But the viewer is able to recognize important nuances.

With hotels, restaurants, gyms and similar businesses, testimonial webClips have yet another advantage. The viewer learns about who eats at these restaurants, vacations in these hotels or exercises in these gyms. Will he or she feel comfortable there?

This is how you find the offer that suits you best.

Testimonial videos by Clipessence are conceptualized and implemented in the most authentic and credible way and present the service or product offered in its best light and its most important aspects.

This Guided Tour was produced for the Open Day of the German Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection in November 2020


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